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The Full Story

This Is Who I Am

I'm a gerrymandered-for-life show pony from the 4th District in Ohio. I have betrayed the Constitution. I was a significant player in Trump’s traitorous efforts to overturn a free and fair election and stop the peaceful transfer of power. Let's dive in below with some information on why you can't trust me...I mean, besides witnessing boys being raped and not telling anyone about it...let's...let's just not focus on that here on this page, Mmk?

Me & Trump 1/6/21

I was knee-deep in the underhanded tactics leading up to Jan. 6 with White House calls and texts before, during, and after the unprecedented attack at the Capitol. And as you'll see in the video below, I even kept lying as I was caught lying as if I wasn't lying.


The day before Trump supporters went on the hunt to “Hang Mike Pence!” I shot a text to my pal and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows suggesting the vice president could “call out all the electoral votes that I believed are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all.” I advanced the falsehood that the Constitution gave Pence that authority — unilateral power to call an election already decided by nearly 158.4 million American ballots. 

My Truth

I perform. I haven’t written a law in the last 16 years or done much of anything but make noise, throw shade, troll, obfuscate, grandstand, and attempt to overthrow democracy. I'm a fraud who tries to pass as an upright, conscientious representative every day. Also, I totally watched boys get raped and chose not to tell anyone but who hasn't???

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